Students are interviewed and placed in an appropriate English Language program, based on their placement test result, their written and oral language proficiency, and academic or professional goals.


English Placement Test

Upon your arrival at SSL, you will take a placement exam to determine which of the ESL Program Levels you will enter. SSL uses the Michigan Test along with a written and oral test which will help us placing you at appropriate level in SSL Program.



SSL Placement Test

Michigan Test 100 points
Oral Exam. 20 points
Written Exam. 20 points
VARK Test required



Placement Chart

Not admitted 0-25 points
Basic 25-75 points (960 hrs)
Academic Consultation 76-80 points
Intermediate 81-110 points (640 hrs)
Academic Consultation 111-115 points



Level Test

You will take a level test to determine which Level you will advance to for the next session which is every second to last day of each session. We usually recommend you to stay at the same level if your score is not qualified enough for the next session. If you are absent more than 16 hours for each session (8 weeks), you will not be eligible to take this exam.



(Please refer to the SSL Student Handbook concerning absenteeism)

SSL is authorized by ETS to offer the TOEFL iBT®, GRE, TOEIC®, and PRAXIS® exams and more than 600 international professional certification tests at SSL!

Our TOEFL® classes will provide students with the knowledge needed to pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language. The official TOEFL® score is accepted at many colleges, universities and businesses throughout the United States as a measure of English proficiency.  It is also an official test site for the Pearson VUE®  tests that offer students the opportunity to take IT certification tests at any time.


TOEFL Courses

While TOEFL®-specific courses are offered at SSL,  students should also understand that all courses are designed to help the student develop skills which will aid in improving their score on the TOEFL®.  Students acquire skills which will lead them to academic success and build upon their English abilities needed to succeed in work and life.


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