SSL is located near the center of Las Vegas. There are many types of recreational activities nearby, including theaters, shopping, libraries, international restaurants, and easy access to Las Vegas’ famous colleges: CSN and UNLV.


SSL has 5 classrooms with 1 Test Center Computer Lab designed to provide an excellent learning environment. As our student population grows, SSL continues to expand our facilities to fully meet the needs of more students.


SSL’s computer lab has free internet access and is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day (if there is no ETS® or VUE® test scheduled). Students are encouraged to use computers, our unique iBT TOEFL®  training simulation programs to improve their English skills, and can also use the computers to send e-mail to friends and family.

Free Wi-Fi

All students are accessible to fast Wi-Fi!


The student lounge provides a comfortable place to relax or study.


SSL has a lunchroom where students can have meals or snacks together, or you can order lunch and soda from nearby locations.


SSL students may use the University of Nevada Library system. There are many libraries in Las Vegas. The best library, the CSN Library, is only a 10-minute trip from SSL on foot or by bus.