SSL can provide housing information for you in an apartment or in a homestay with an American family. SSL can also try to help you with any problems that you might have in your living situation.  Please see an SSL director if you need any assistance.  These two options start from $800 per month; however, the costs associated with housing or availability may vary from year to year.  Please refer to the SSL Summary of Cost Chart for current information.


Homestay with an American Family

Staying with an American family is a very popular choice for many students, because it gives them an opportunity to experience American culture and practice English at home. Your American family may be a couple with or without children, or a single person. You will have a private room.  Most families live 3 to 10 kilometers from SSL, or about 15 to 45 minutes by bus. A monthly bus pass costs about $40. Most families do not permit smoking in the house.  Most food is provided by the host family, but students might not always be able to go from SSL back to their homestays for lunch, so some extra money for food should be budgeted — approximately $200 a month.



If you are looking for an apartment or roommate, an SSL director can help you with locating an apartment  within the area.  SSL can provide you with a list of housing options upon request.  A roommate could save on your living costs, and there are many interesting shops, restaurants, coffee houses, and parks in the area. Please note that apartment rental fees don’t include meals, and you might have to pay a refundable deposit for keys and cleaning directly to the apartment’s property manager or landlord before checking in.