2017 SSL Scholarships Policy and Procedure


Shepherd School of Language offers the following Four supplemental merit-based scholarships throughout the year based on student achievement:

  1. Honor Roll (HR)

Scholarships are awarded each session in each category.

These scholarships honor currently enrolled and active Shepherd School of Language students dedicated to pursuing their educational journey in English as a Second Language/Intensive English Program while making a difference in their life and in the lives of others around them by satisfactorily completing a high quality educational program.


Scholarship Eligibility


Recipients of the Honor Roll Scholarships must:

  • Be a current and active SSL student.

  • Maintain a good F-1 status and minimum attendance requirement (80%)

  • Meet all admission requirements with the school in receipt of all of the applicant’s official documentation and be fully admitted into the program.


Shepherd School of Language Scholarship:


  1. Honor Roll: In order to be considered for the Honor Roll Scholarship, students must achieve and maintain an academic grade point average of no less than 3.5 during the session the student is attending. This scholarship can be earned every session.  HR Scholarship awards the student by reducing their tuition amount by 10% for the upcoming session.

The determination of the students who will be awarded Honor Roll, will come through a careful review of the attendance records and grade sheets by the Academic Director in concern with the Campus Director.

Scholarship Restriction

Scholarships are only valid for credit against upcoming session’s tuition.  Due to the nature of needing performance measurement result, scholarships cannot be awarded for the first session and also final session of the student’s enrollment, because the student will not be enrolled to upcoming session as a full time student.

Scholarships have no cash value and they are not transferable.  Also, it cannot be applied to the 1st session, due to no academic record.  No cash value will be exchanged for the last session’s achievement  because the scholarship program only applies to the upcoming session.