When you apply to SSL, you also apply to CSN.  Once we submit your applications to CSN we request the conditional letter of acceptance (CLA).   Then we send you CLA with their acceptance letter along with I-20.

The requirements for the CLA are:

  • International Student Application

  • Mail Option Form

  • Copy of Passport

  • Bank Document – must show $24,322

  • Sponsor Form – if bank document is not in student name

  • Documentation of high school graduation

  • Letter describing educational goals

  • $25 application fee.

CSN offers 3 programs.  The ESL program, Bridge Program and Degree Program.

After you finished studying in SSL, you will then submit your transfer documents and English requirement (waived if you finished 3A/B level and passed our exit exam with 76 or above) to CSN.


CSN E-brochure

In many countries, SSL works with educational advisors who can help you through this process. Please contact us for more information on conditional admission. There is an additional fee for this service.