Tuition Fees

If you compare SSL’s tuition costs to other institutions in the United States, you will find that it is very economical and competitive, especially when you consider the many services SSL offers and the attractiveness of living in Las Vegas. Because the cost of living in Las Vegas is much lower than on the east or west coast of the U.S., this makes it even more affordable to study English at SSL. (Contact us for details if you are interested in part-time study at SSL.) If SSL does not accept your application, SSL will refund any pre-paid tuition collected.  Note that administration fees, student health plan fees, fees for books or materials, and/or wire transfers will not be refunded.  If SSL accepts your application, and you cancel your enrollment agreement, the application fee, mailing fee, SEVIS fee, and courier fees will not be refunded. However, if you need to cancel your current agreement you may apply your application fee toward a new enrollment for up to 12 months after your initial scheduled start-date.  If you cancel your enrollment prior to the start of the session, or your visa application is rejected, SSL will refund all pre-paid tuition and fees (except the application fee, any agent fees, SEVIS fees, and courier fees).  If you enter the US on a student visa sponsored by SSL and cancel your program or do not show up for class, SSL will retain the first four weeks of tuition as a non-refundable fee.  Student health plan fees are not refundable.   SSL Summary of Fees (Intensive ESL Program) Students pay their tuition, text book fees and health insurance fees by the first day of each session.



$     95.00                 (non-refundable one-time fee)


$   450.00            (4 weeks) without Scholarship


$   200.00                 (non-refundable & if paid by SSL)

Express Mail FEE:

$     85.00                 (non-refundable & if applicable)


$     200                     (per level)

* Current Long-term study plan (LTSP): not applicable with scholarship

– 5% reduced tuition for 4 months

– 10% reduced tuition fee for 6 months


Health insurance is not required but strongly recommended.


  • Some pocket money is recommended for activities and miscellaneous expenses.

  • The information above is subject to change.

    • If The Shepherd School of Language rejects an applicant or cancels a program directly subsequent to a student’s enrollment, The Shepherd School of Language will refund all monies paid by the student.

    • The Shepherd School of Language is not obligated to make refunds to enrolled students who are terminated due to a violation of The Shepherd School of Language written disciplinary and/or attendance policies and procedures.

    • The airport pick-up fee may be cancelled with at least forty-eight (48) hours notice to the school.  It is non-refundable if the student does not show up at the airport with failure to contact ahead of their scheduled arrival.

    • The student will be responsible for all necessary expenses associated with a refund i.e. credit card transaction fee, bank charge, mailing service fee, wire transfer fee, etc.  Books are not subject to refund unless they were purchased within 30 days of the transaction and are in perfect (new) condition (no writing, highlighting, etc.).  Please allow up to 30 days from the day the written request is received for refund.

Health Insurance (through ISO Insurance)

Medical care in the United States is very expensive. If you need to go to the doctor, it will cost a lot of money. For this reason, we strongly recommend students to have health insurance. If you have health insurance, please bring your card to show proof you are insured. If you do not have insurance, you should pay for two months of insurance when you pay your tuition. Insurance for 8 weeks costs US$200. It will pay for most problems. However, it will not pay for general physicals, teeth, eyes, preexisting conditions or problems caused by alcohol and drugs. (more information on ISO Click Here or Questions? Please call ISO at (800) 244-1180 or e-mail to


Pocket Money

Pocket money is money for miscellaneous expenses such as movies, dinner in restaurants and shopping. This is assuming that the student will live at the same level as the average American student. We recommend that you plan for about US$150 per month in pocket money.


Refund & Cancellation Policy

All Refunds will be calculated based on LDA

*LDA: Last Day of Attendance


If SSL cancels any program, full refund will be given including non-refundable fees.


(Prior to start of class):


If SSL does not accept your application or you cancel your enrollment agreement or your visa application is rejected, SSL will give full refund except non-refundable fees, such as application fee, SEVIS Fee, and/or wire transfer fees.

If you enter the US on a student visa sponsored by SSL and cancel your program or do not show up for class, SSL will retain any actual housing costs (max.$500) incurred by SSL and the first FOUR (4) weeks of tuition as a non-refundable fee.

Cancellation occurs either when the student gives a written notice of cancellation or withdrawal to the Campus Director or it will be automatically refunded after 2 weeks of consecutive absence based on the last day of attendance (LDA).  The student can also mail, hand deliver or fax the cancellation.

Cancellation notices are to be mailed to: SSL, 1280 S. Jones Blvd, Suite 120, Las Vegas, NV 89146.

Refunds will be made within 30 calendar days of your LDA.

SSL follows all applicable state and federal regulations, including those related to student refunds.



(After start of class):


First session: SSL retains the tuition charges for the 4 weeks before or at the mid-point of the session (8 weeks), for students whose LDA was determined after mid-point of the session, SSL may retain all of the charges for the first session.

After First session: If students LDA occur before or at the midpoint of their enrollment, SSL may retain a prorated amount of tuition for that period.  Any tuition paid for the balance of the program will be refunded in full.

For students whose LDA occurs after the midpoint of enrollment, SSL may retain all of the tuition for that period.



$95 paid (Application Fee)  + $900 paid

(1 session = 8 weeks = 2 months)

= $450.00*

(Application fee ($95) & 4 weeks of tuition will be retained =$545.00)


*Student arrives in the US on an SSL sponsored visa and does not show up for class


All refunds will be calculated from your last recorded day of attendance (LDA) and will be prorated on a weekly basis.  SSL counts any part of the week that you studied as a full week of attendance for refund calculations.


** weekly prorate amount is $112.50


The school will refund money collected from a third party on the students behalf if the school cancels or discontinues the course of study that the student is enrolled in, or if the student drops out.  If any part of the tuition was paid from the proceeds of agencies, the refund will be sent to the agencies.


For a long-term study plan (LTSP), SSL will also retain the reduced amount of tuition from the total prepaid tuition at any point after the month’s start date.


EXAMPLE CALCULATION:  LTSP tuition– Prorated tuition– (original tuition – LTSP tuition) =Refunded (Please read our LTSP information page at SSL)